IWSF Elite Tournament Details

Tournament Name:IWSF World Cup Putrajaya
Location:Putrajaya, Malaysia
Dates Requested:Start date: 2009-11-06 - End Date: 2009-11-08
Contact Name:Bob Corson
contact email:bcorson@comcast.net
contact phone:1-856-767-0474
web site:www.iwsf.com

Events Held:

EventTotal Cash Prize1st Prize 2nd Prize3rd Prize4th Prize5th Prize 6th Prize7th Prize 8th Prize
Men Slalom24,0006000420033002700240018001200720
Women Slalom16,00060003600240016001100700400200
Men Tricks24,0006000420033002700240018001200720
Women Tricks16,00060003600240016001100700400200
Men Jump24,0006000420033002700240018001200720
Women Jump16,00060003600240016001100700400200

Tournament Details

Format Description:
Preliminary Round and Final Round (6M/4F)

Entry Fee: 0
Entry Type: Invitation
Entry deadline: May 1, 2009
Selection Criteria:
Selection by World Cup seeding formula and placement in 2007 and 2008 World Cup, 2007 World Championships, 2008 IWSF Ranking and 2008 IWSF Elite. Exact formula to be published. 2009 may allow 1 ski-in spot.

Practice available: Yes
Practice dates: Nov. 6, 2009
Boat Mfg(s): Mastercraft
Speed Control System(s): TBD

Organizer Comments or Additional Information:

Men's places pay to 12th All room & board plus transportation to and from airport is included. Each Invited skier is given compensation towards airfare with a minimum of $1000