IWSF Elite Tournament Details

Tournament Name:Midwest NightFly
Location:Creve Couer Lake in St. Louis, MO
Dates Requested:Start date: 2013-09-14 - End Date: 2013-09-14
Contact Name:Cole Kalkbrenner
contact email:colekalkbrenner@yahoo.com
contact phone:314-471-8330
web site:www.midwestnightfly.com

Events Held:

EventTotal Cash Prize1st Prize 2nd Prize3rd Prize4th Prize5th Prize 6th Prize7th Prize 8th Prize
Men Slalom
Women Slalom
Men Tricks
Women Tricks
Men Jump15,000
Women Jump10,000

Tournament Details

Format Description:
Preliminary round followed by finals at night!

Entry Fee: 200
Entry Type: Invitation
Entry deadline: Sept 1, 2013
Selection Criteria:
Elite Ranking,IWSF Ranking

Practice available: Yes
Practice dates: Sept 13, 2013
Boat Mfg(s): Mastercraft, Malibu, Nautique
Speed Control System(s): Zero Off

Organizer Comments or Additional Information:

Come be a part of water ski history. This site was home to many Michelob Dry pro events back in the 90's. Help grow our sport with a unbelievable festival feel.