IWSF Elite Tournament Details

Tournament Name:World Cup Putrajaya (CANCELLED)
Location:Putrajaya Malaysia
Dates Requested:Start date: 2015-10-09 - End Date: 2015-10-11
Contact Name:Bob Corson
contact email:bob.corson@gmail.com
contact phone:
web site:www.iwwfed.com

Events Held:

EventTotal Cash Prize1st Prize 2nd Prize3rd Prize4th Prize5th Prize 6th Prize7th Prize 8th Prize
Men Slalom300007500525041253375300022501500900
Women Slalom2000075004500300020001375875500250
Men Tricks300007500525041253375300022501500900
Women Tricks2000075004500300020001375875500250
Men Jump30000750052503375300022501500900
Women Jump2000075004500300020001375875500250

Tournament Details

Format Description:
Standard World Cup - prelim/finals 6/4 M/W in finals.

Entry Fee: 0
Entry Type: Invitation
Entry deadline: Aug 1
Selection Criteria:
Selection by World Cup seeding formula and placement in 2014 and 2013 World Cup, 2013 World Championships, 2013-14 IWSF Ranking and 2013-14 IWSF Elite. Exact formula to be published. 2015 will allow 1 ski-in spot.

Practice available: Yes
Practice dates: Oct 9
Boat Mfg(s): Mastercraft
Speed Control System(s): ZO

Invited out of confederation judge: Nikki Lee

Organizer Comments or Additional Information:

Men's places pay to 12th. All room & board plus transportation to and from airport is included. Each Invited skier is given compensation towards airfare of $1250.