IWSF Elite Tournament Details

Tournament Name:2018 Canadian Open
Location:Shalom Park, Edmonton, Alberta, CANADA
Dates Requested:Start date: 2018-07-19 - End Date: 2018-07-22
Contact Name:Jo-Anne Moore
contact email:joannemoore@shaw.ca
contact phone:7809956332
web site:shalompark.com

Events Held:

EventTotal Cash Prize1st Prize 2nd Prize3rd Prize4th Prize5th Prize 6th Prize7th Prize 8th Prize
Men Slalom$20,000 CDN660046003400200014001000600600
Women Slalom$20,000 CDN660046003400200014001000600600
Men Tricks
Women Tricks
Men Jump$20,000 CDN66004600200014001000600600
Women Jump

Tournament Details

Format Description:
Preliminary, LCQ, Final

Entry Fee: $350 CDN
Entry Type: Invitation
Entry deadline: July 6, 2018
Selection Criteria:
Registration is limited the the first 25 men slalom, 20 men jump, 20 women slalom skiers. Men slalom must be in the top 60 on the WRL, Men jump must be in the top 40 on the WRL, Women slalom must be in the top 40 on the WRL.

Practice available: Yes
Practice dates: July 19, 2018
Boat Mfg(s): 2019 Nautique 200 6.2 L
Speed Control System(s): Zero Off

Invited out of confederation judge: Peter Person

Organizer Comments or Additional Information:

The $20,000 in women's slalom is based on a minimum entry of 12 skiers - if we get less than 12, the prize money will be $16,000 Familiarization is THURSDAY, July 19 The amateur part of the Canadian Open will begin Thursday evening. The Pros will only ski on Saturday and Sunday.