IWSF Elite Tournament Details

Tournament Name:Global Invitational presented by Mastercraft
Location:Placid Waters Allendale Michigan
Dates Requested:Start date: 2010-06-26 - End Date: 2010-06-26
Contact Name:Dana Reed
contact email:slalom@charter.net
contact phone:828-612-9981
web site:www.theproskitour.com

Events Held:

EventTotal Cash Prize1st Prize 2nd Prize3rd Prize4th Prize5th Prize 6th Prize7th Prize 8th Prize
Men Slalom$15,000$5,400$3,000$1,700$1,500$1,200$1,000$700$500
Women Slalom$10,000$3,500$2,000$1,500$1,100$700$500$400$300
Men Tricks
Women Tricks
Men Jump$15,000$5,400$3,000$1,700$1,500$1,200$1,000$700$500
Women Jump

Tournament Details

Format Description:
Slalom-2 qualifying rounds/cut to 8/cut to 4 (Top 4 head to head only) Jump-2 qualifying rounds/cut to 8

Entry Fee: $250
Entry Type: Open-Unlimited
Entry deadline: 6/12/10
Selection Criteria:
Seeded by Elite Ranking list

Practice available: Yes
Practice dates: 6/25/10
Boat Mfg(s): Mastercraft
Speed Control System(s): Zero Off

Invited out of confederation judge: n/a

Organizer Comments or Additional Information:

Late fee will be inforced ($100) Will be running 2 lakes Go to www.theproskitour.com for all information (hotel/schedule of events) Night finals