IWWF Ranking List and Record Tournament Details

Tournament Name:April Slalom Record 1
Location:West Palm Beach, FL, USA
Dates Requested:Start date: 2014-04-05 - End Date: 2014-04-05
Sanction Level:R
Contact Name:Dale Stevens
contact email:scpbtourn@gmail.com
contact phone:015615968710
web site:okeeski.com

Events Held:



Chief JudgeCharlotte Mechers
HomologatorDale Stevens
Chief ScorerMark Harvat
Chief DriverPaul Santangelo
Appointed JudgeMark Harvat
Appointed JudgeJeffry Kechia
Appointed JudgeJohn Shealy
Appointed JudgePatricial Burt
Appointed JudgeDennis Longo
Appointed DriverDennis Longo
Appointed DriverBecky Lathrop
Appointed DriverRoger Clark

Tournament Details

Format Description:
two round record slalom

Entry Fee: 150.00
Entry Type: Open-Unlimited
Entry deadline: 5/8/14
Selection Criteria:

Practice available: No
Practice dates: N/A
Boat Mfg(s): MasterCraft, Nautique, Malibu, Centurion
Speed Control System(s): zero off

Name of Invited confederation level Judge(Pan Am/EA/AAO): Ruth Johnson

Organizer Comments or Additional Information:

This should be an automatic creation from the OLR system used with USAWS. We are now completing two sanctions for every tournament. That may work fine if you host 1 or 2 events but beyond that it is useless. Not even an explanation of WHY we need this..