IWWF Ranking List and Record Tournament Details

Tournament Name:2019 Nautique Canadian Water Ski National Championships
Location: St-Donat, Quebec, Canada
Dates Requested:Start date: 2019-08-07 - End Date: 2019-08-11
Sanction Level:R
Contact Name:Benoit Allard & Jennifer Arvisais
contact email:clubski.h2o.stdo@gmail.com
contact phone:1-819-664-8705
web site:https://waterskicanada.ca/2019-nautique-canadian-water-ski-championships/

Events Held:



Chief JudgeHarold Townsend
HomologatorRoger Breitkreuz
Chief ScorerAnne Stevens
Chief DriverChuck Kraus
Appointed JudgeDoug Brain
Appointed JudgeKristy Kraus
Appointed JudgeMark Stevens
Appointed JudgeJanice Stevens
Appointed JudgeJim Stacey
Appointed JudgeGlenn Bowie
Appointed JudgeJeff Chesebrough
Appointed DriverRuss Dickson
Appointed DriverKen Rule

Tournament Details

Format Description:
TOURNAMENT FORMAT Thursday-Friday: U17 and younger, and M/W 3+. One round of each event Saturday: U21, Men and Women, and Elite Divisions One round of each event Sunday -SLALOM: HEAD to HEAD competition (rules below). -TRICKS: Top 6 scores compete in the finals, men and women together (only 1 division). A minimum of 1 skier per gender must be represented. There will be a prize for best male and best female score. -JUMP: Top 8 scores compete in the finals, men and women together (only 1 division). A minimum of 1 skier per gender must be represented.There will be a prize for best male and best female score. -Slalom will NOT be Record Capability on Sunday. -There will be NO overall score calculated on Sunday. SLALOMíS HEAD TO HEAD BASIC RULES: -All the winners from every division in the Nationalís tournament will automatically be qualified -There will be 2 slalom courses side by side, also 2 boats running side by side. -No divisions: men, women, boys, girls will all compete against each other. -Leader board will be established according to the final score in the ĒNationalísĒ round (# of buoys and line length i.e. 3@12m)) -The starting speed for both skiers will be determined by the lowest qualifying score of the pair -The maximum speed for both skiers will be determined by the lowest qualifying score (or skier with the lowest max speed) of the pair -The rope shortening speed for both skiers will be determined by the lowest qualifying score (or skier with the lowest max speed) of the pair -The skier who sets the starting speed cannot start any slower than they did in the Nationalís tournament -There will be prizes for top the 3 skiers. EXAMPLE, G1 skier (with score of 1 @ 14m) competes against M3 skier (with score of 3 @ 12m): the G1 skier would set starting speed (not slower than qualifying round) for both skiers, the maximum speed would be 49kph for both skiers, rope would be shortened at 49kph for both skiers. Since most skiers from the Open Division will be at the World Championship, a different formula for the Sunday event was needed. This format has been tested for many years in local tournaments and proved to be one of the most fun tournament of the season each time. We hope everyone will enjoy it, as it gives a running chance for everyone who qualifies.

Entry Fee: $230.00
Entry Type: Open-Selected
Entry deadline: August 1, 2019
Selection Criteria:
Rule Book - Page 33. 1: Entry to the National Championships 1.1 Any skier wishing to participate in the National Championships must be current WSWC members. 1.2 Proof of qualification must be received by the National Office not later than 1pm EDT the Monday prior to the start of official familiarization. Late proof of qualification for a skier will be accepted until the close of registration upon payment of a late qualification fee of $10.00 per day payable to WSWC. Results may be telephoned or transmitted to the National Office, and the official tournament results must be presented to the Chief Calculator at tournament registration. Skiers with late proof of qualification will be seeded first. 1.3 Entry requirements for the National Championships are one or a combination of the following: a) a 1st to 6th place finish inclusive for males and females, in the preceding Eastern, Western or Atlantic Canadian Championships providing the skier holds the East/West/Atlantic Performance Standard (see Appendix VI) in each event a skier enters; or b) achievement of the Nationals Standard as outlined in the WSWC Skier Performance Standards (see Appendix VI) for each event a skier enters; or c) in the event a skier holds a valid National Standard in any two events he/she shall be allowed to ski in the third event in order to be eligible for overall placement, providing the skier holds an East/West/Atlantic Performance Standard in that event, - as per Appendix VI, item 4, - except in Open Division where Rule 6.3 applies; or d) current National Training Team members are automatically allowed to apply for entry in each event; or all current and former World Champions (Canadians) shall be permitted entry into the Nationals in their current age division in the events in which they competed as World Champions, whether they hold the current National Standard rating or not; or e) in the case where a province has less than three (3) skiers able to qualify for the National Championships, such province shall be allowed to send a team to the maximum of three (3) skiers whether qualified or not. A province wishing to invoke this rule must notify the National Office not later than1 pm EDT the Monday before official familiarization with the names of the skiers. 1.4 All entrants in the National Championships must be Canadian citizens or must have landed immigrant status in Canada. 1.5 All skiers must register for the National Championships and specify which division they will be competing in. All skiers who are registered must check-in at the tournament site, either in person or through a representative, by the time specified on the official tournament notice. The entry deadline is 10 days prior to the start of the competition. Late registrations will be accepted up until 6:00 PM on the day prior to the skierís event upon payment of an additional late registration fee of $75.00 payable to the tournament organizer. For seeding purposes, late registrations shall be seeded first.

Practice available: Yes
Practice dates: August 7, 2019
Boat Mfg(s): Ski Nautique
Speed Control System(s): Zero Off

Name of Invited confederation level Judge(Pan Am/EA/AAO): Peter Person

Organizer Comments or Additional Information:

Please view Water Ski Canada's website for more information http://www.waterskicanada.ca CONTACT INFO: BENOIT ALLARD: clubski.h2o.stdo@gmail.com WATER SKI CANADA'S OFFICE: info@wswc.ca or katie@wswc.ca