IWSF Proposed Elite Tournaments

All tournaments must be approved by the appropriate sanctioning body (Federation or Region)

2019-03-062019-03-11Moomba Masters International Invitational ChampionshipsMSWSMTWTMJWJYarra River Melbourne Australia Show Details
2019-04-192019-04-20Chile night Jump 2019MJMiranda's Ski School Show Details
2019-04-272019-04-28REUNION ISLAND MASTERSMTWTSaint-Paul, Reunion Island Show Details
2019-05-032019-05-04Travers Grand PrixMS?Sunset Lakes 20225 County Road 33, Groveland Florida 34736 USA Show Details
2019-05-242019-05-2660th Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament MSWSMTWTMJWJRobin Lake, Callaway Gardens, Georgia Show Details
2019-06-012019-06-02Lake 38 Pro-Am Record Slalom (2nd year Introductory)MSWS5049 Point Milligan Rd Quincy Florida 32352 Show Details
2019-06-142019-06-16BORDEAUX SLALOM CUPMSPORT LEYRON 33880 BAURECHE Show Details
2019-06-222019-06-23FUNGLISS PRO AMMSDOMMARTIN Show Details
2019-06-282019-06-30BOTASKI ProAmMSBotaski, Sesena Show Details
2019-07-052019-07-07San Gervasio Pro AmMSWSSan Gervasio Bresciano (BS), Italy Show Details
2019-07-092019-07-11MALIBU OPEN FRANCEMSLACANAU Show Details
2019-07-122019-07-14Andy Mapple Pro-amMSThorpe Lakes, England Show Details
2019-07-172019-07-19Andy Mapple Pro AmMSThorpe Lakes Show Details
2019-08-122019-08-18Waterski World ChampionshipsMSWSMTWTMJWJMOWOPutrajaya, Malaysia Show Details
2019-09-062019-09-08California Pro Am MSWSNorthern California Show Details
2019-09-132019-09-14Malibu OpenMSWSMJWJCharleston,S.C. Trophy Lakes Show Details
2020-03-062020-03-09moomba masters international invitational championshipsMSWSMTWTMJWJYarra River Melbourne Australia Show Details
2020-04-112020-04-12Chile Night Jump 2020 (Suspended)MJLago Los Morros- Santiago,Chile Show Details
2020-05-222020-05-242020 Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament CANCELLEDMSWSMTWTMJWJCallaway Gardens, Georgia Show Details
2020-06-052020-06-07MasterCraft CANCELLEDMSWSMJWJBennnetts Water Ski School, Zachary, LA Show Details
2020-06-212020-06-23MALIBU OPEN LACANAU - CANCELLEDMSLacanau - Pitrot Show Details
2020-06-262020-06-282020 BOTASKI PROAM - CANCELLEDMSBOTASKI - Sesena WaterSki Complex Show Details
2020-07-032020-07-05VII San Gervasio Pro Am - CANCELLEDMSWSSan Gervasio Bresciano (BS), Italy Show Details
2020-07-172020-07-19Andy Mapple Pro-Am - CANCELLEDMSArena Club, Thorpe lakes Show Details
2020-07-252020-07-26FUNGLISS PRO AM - CANCELLEDMSDOMMARTIN Show Details
2020-08-062020-08-07Americas Cup 2020 NOT ELITE - US Skiers onlyMSWSMTWTMJWJWest Palm Beach , FL Show Details
2020-08-152020-08-16Hilltop Lake ProAm by Syndicate WaterskisMSHilltop Lake, Arlington Wa Show Details
2020-08-282020-08-30California Pro Am CANCELLEDMSWSDiablo Shores Vineyards Estates Show Details
2020-09-042020-09-06Lake 38 Pro-Am Record SlalomMSWS5049 Point Milligan Rd Quincy Fl Show Details
2020-09-112020-09-12Malibu OpenMSWSMJWJTrophy Lakes, Charleston S.C. Show Details
2021-01-012021-01-01exawnsessCook Islands Show Details
2021-01-012021-01-01woorgoSokCook Islands Show Details
2021-01-012021-01-01cheapest cialisCook Islands Show Details
2021-01-012021-01-01GemGlogmaCook Islands Show Details
2021-01-012021-01-01broorneCook Islands Show Details
2021-01-012021-01-01coasmaddyCook Islands Show Details
2021-01-012021-01-01priligy tabletsCook Islands Show Details
2021-01-012021-01-01ZithromaxCook Islands Show Details
2021-01-012021-01-01SuryizeCook Islands Show Details
2021-01-012021-01-01arotoutCook Islands Show Details
2021-01-012021-01-01HixdiadlyCook Islands Show Details
2021-01-012021-01-01heidiseloCook Islands Show Details
2021-01-012021-01-01PlaquenilCook Islands Show Details
2021-01-012021-01-01furosemide wikiCook Islands Show Details
2021-01-012021-01-01FeaddedCook Islands Show Details
2021-01-012021-01-01LiaisguseCook Islands Show Details
2021-01-012021-01-01utethocheCook Islands Show Details
2021-05-022021-05-02Swiss Pro Slalom (Introductory 1)MSWSClermont, Florida, USA Show Details
2021-05-282021-05-30The Masters Water Ski & Wakeboard Tournament MSWSMTWTMJWJPine Mountain, Callaway Gardens, Georgia Show Details
2021-06-042021-06-06Lake 38 Pro-Am Record Slalom (Introductory 1)MSWS5049 Point Milligan Rd Quincy Fl 32352 Show Details
2021-06-182021-06-19King of DarknessMJWJIsles of Lake Hancock Show Details
2021-06-252021-06-27BOTASKI ProAm CANCELLEDMSWSBotaski - Sesena Waterski Complex Show Details
2021-07-022021-07-04VII San Gervasio Pro AmMSWSSan Gervasio Bresciano (BS), Italy Show Details
2021-07-102021-07-11Pro Team Challenge (men introductory)MSWSMJWJOconomowoc WI USA Show Details
2021-08-122021-08-13The US Open of WaterskiingMSWSMTWTMJWJWaters Edge, Wilmington, IL Show Details
2021-08-212021-08-22Hilltop Lake ProAm by Sindicate WaterskisMSWSHilltop Lake, Arlington Wa Show Details
2021-08-262021-08-29California Pro Am MSWSElk Grove Ca. Show Details
2021-08-272021-08-29California Pro AmMSWSShortline Lake, Elk Grove CA Show Details
2021-10-012021-10-02Malibu OpenMSWSMJWJCharleston,S.C. Show Details
2021-10-112021-10-17Waterski World ChampionshipsMSWSMTWTMJWJOrlando, Florida Show Details
2021-10-282021-10-30MasterCraft ProMSWSMJWJAction Water Sports, Lake Grew, Polk City, FL Show Details
2021-11-132021-11-14Miami Pro SlalomMSWSGreater Miami Ski Club Show Details
2022-07-082022-07-10KAIAFAS BATTLE ProAm 2022MSWSKaiafas lake-GREECE Show Details
2022-07-082022-07-10KAIAFAS BATTLE ProAm 2022MSWSKaiafas lake-GREECE Show Details
2022-07-162022-07-17Slåstad ProAmMSWSSIAP, Skarnes, Norway Show Details
2022-08-192022-08-21Hilltop Lake ProAm by Syndicate waterskisMSWSHilltop Lake, Arlington, Wa Show Details
2022-08-262022-08-29California Pro AmMSWSShortline lake Elk Grove, CA Show Details