IWWF Elite Rankings

The ranking methodolgy is based on the system used by the Professional
Slalom Skiers Association(PASS) and developed by Mark Crone.  This system
was used for the 2000 World Cup Ranking in slalom.  The basic system was
modified to make it more appropriate for world wide use.  It has been used 
successfully since 2003.

IWWF Elite Ranking Concepts

Key Concepts

1 Tournament points
Each tournament will be assigned a certain number of points.  The
points will be based on the concepts as follows:
a) 2 points for each $100 USD of prize money on a per event basis
b) Title points assigned per IWWF TC decision.  

The points from these categories shall be used from either a) or b) to give the final
tournament point value.

2. Awarding points by placement
Points shall be awarded based on placement.  Each placement is a certain percentage of the 
event points based on the same formula that has been used since 2003.
Place	Percent of points
1	100.00
2	79.99
3	63.97
4	51.12
5	40.80
6	32.50
7	25.82
8	20.43
9	16.09
10	12.58
11	9.75
12	7.48
13	5.65
14	4.18
15	3.01
16	2.08
17	1.35
18	0.77
19	0.33
20	0.00

3. Skier Point totals

We will use a set number of your tournament scores.  After each tournament you go to,
your points will be added in.  The number of tournaments will be set for each
event and be no more than 50% of the regular status Elite Events meeting the minimum event purse.
The initial number of tournaments will be taken from those applying for sanction before June 15.
If a tounament applies for a sanction after June 15 but at least 60 days before the tournament date,
that tournament will be added to the total.
If the tournament applies less than 60 days before, it will not be added to the total and that will
not change the the number of tournaments that will be scored.  So, for example,
if we declare that since there are 11 men slalom events we will use the top 5.
If later, we add one event but less than 60 days away, it will still be the top 5.
If it is more than 60 dayas away, the total will be increased to 12 and the top 6 scores will be used.
Also, if there are two Elite events in the same weekend, it will only be counted 
as one as you can only attend one (if that is the case).

If the prize money is not listed in USD then the points will be calculated based on the 
exchange rate 30 days before the tournament.

Based on recent tournament activity here is a sample schedule:
Men Slalom - top 5 tournaments 
Women Slalom - 3 
Men Tricks - 2 
Women Tricks - 2 
Men Jump - 3 
Women Jump - 2 
(This will be confirmed after the final schedule is published)

New for 2017
There will be Elite points for Overall Competitions if they qualify.
The World Championships will be included in the Overall Elite

Since the ranking is a rotating ranking, it will use all results less than 1 year old.  If the
total number of tournaments change from one year to the next, the previous year's total will be used
until September 15 at which point the current year's total will be used.

These numbers are 50% or lower, based on the fact that 
there are fewer tournaments, and many of them have restricted entry.

The points will just be added cumulatively as received.
This means that points will be added for each tournament that you score in
up until you reach the maximum number of scores (5 in our men slalom example).
Then, if you go to more tournaments, your top 5 will be used so that your point
total will only change if your points score exceeds your 5th best score which
would then be dropped.

4. Starting basis
The Rankings shall continue from one year to the next on a rotating
basis with results older than 1 year being dropped.

5. Tournament Selection
Tournament selection and qualification is deatiled in 

Once a tournament has been accepted, additional prize money may be added,
but there will be no change in points fewer than 30 days from tournament.
The Elite Schedule is published on www.iwsfranking.com as well as the world calendar at www.iwwfed.com.

Details and prize payout can be accessed on iwsfranking.com at:

Tournament organizers should request their date as early as possible.  On Januay 15, all submitted tournament dates
are fixed and another organizer may not request an already selected date (unless approved by the TC Chairman).  On January 15, 
if there are multiple organizers requesting the same date, a compromise solution will be sought.

The rest to be determined per the IWWF TC Chairman.  An updated schedule will
be available at www.iwsfranking.com

Tournament organizers who feel that their tournament may qualify
are encouraged to apply to the IWWF TC Chairman for approval as an Elite Ranking

Apply to tcchairman@iwsf.com

6. Rankings Publication
The ranking points totals shall be published on iwsfranking.com.  
The top 20 places (30 in men slalom) will 
constitute the rankings.  The ranking points will be published after each
qualified tournament is completed.  This is, of course, based on
results availibility.  Each qualifying tournament must post
their results on iwsf.com.  The full list of points and calculation
spreadsheet will be publically available in iwsfranking.com
Each skiers official "Ranking" may change after each tournament.

7. Ranking List Name
The Ranking List shall be entitled the "IWWF Elite Skier Rankings".

8 World Cup
The World Cup will run
in parallel with the Elite Rankings.  All World Cup stops qualify for 
Elite Rankings.  The World Cup will be scored in a similar fashion, but 
will be separate from the rankings so that the World Cup winner may not
be the #1 Elite skier although there will probably be a close parallel.

Under the guidance of the Athletes Advisory Committee, we tried 
to encourage the introduction and development of Elite Tournaments. One of the 
barriers has been the minimum purse level. As a trial, we instituted a program 
as an "introductory" offer to new tournaments where they can gain Elite status 
at a lower purse level given that they will progress and in two years be at the 
new standard levels. This translates in to the following schedule: 
1st year Mens Event $5000 USD minimum, Womens Event $3000 USD 
2nd year Mens Event $8500 USD minimum, Womens Event $6000 USD 
3rd year Mens Event $12000 USD minimum, Womens Event $9000 USD

The current Elite minimum standards are $12000/9000.

There are two other aspects that are of concern and relavent to this issue. 
The first is the number of tournaments used for the final calculation of Elite Ranking. 
This is based on 50% of the number of Elite tournaments. Introductory tournaments will 
not be used as part of the total. Any tournament that remains Elite but has less than
the minimum event money will also not count toward the total.  Also last year we changed 
from being exactly 50% to 
being based on 50% so that it is 50% or lower. This is due to the World Cup tournament 
series which has well qualified prize money but limited access. So the exact numbers 
will be determined after the schedule is set. 

The second issue is that the initial feeling might be that you are being required to 
go to some tournament where there is reduced prize money to get points. That is not the 
intention at all. Since there is reduced prize money, the points will also be reduced 
so that you gain less by going, but if you do not go there should not be any impact. 
If there are 6 Elite Regular Events and 2 introductory events, your final score will be 
based on 3 events. So if you go to half of the regular events there most likely will be 
no need to go to the introductory events unless you find it convienent. The principle is 
that the events should have to attract you with prize money. It is not the intent of the 
program to compel you to go.

9. Changes to a tournament
30 days prior to a tournament the declared cash prize amount is used to set the Elite points.  
Cash may be added after that but it will not affect the points.  The prize may not be reduced.
Organizers must supply the cash prize amounts, entry fee, schedule, and, at the end of the
tournament a list of the placements of all competitors.
All applications and changes must be approved by the TC Chairman  (tcchairman@iwsf.com)

10. Ties and Elite points
If there is a tie according to the rules of the tournament, the Elite points for the tied positions will be added up and split
equally among the tied competitors.

Cash Purse $10,000
3 way tie for 6th place
points for each place
6	65.00
7	51.64
8	40.86

total 157.50
points awarded each tied competitor - 52.5