IWSF Elite Ranking List Qualifiers

(text and pictures in the Video Press Release)

Hi and welcome to this International Water Ski Federation Video Press Release.

I am Bob Corson Chairman of the IWSF Tournament Council.

With the completion of the Danish Open and the Princes Pro Am, the Elite Rankings only have one tournament left, the World Championships being held in Clermont, Florida.

At this point, the current top six skiers on the Elite Rankings shown here are now qualified for individual entry into the World Championships. This qualification is in addition to the standard Ranking List entry or entry as a Team member.
Remember that qualified individuals must be entered by their Federation.

In a related program, the International Water Ski Federation will be producing a set of Water Ski sports trading cards that will feature the current top eight skiers in each event on the Elite Rankings. The cards will show the skier's complete statistics for last year as well as their international titles and a picture for the event they are ranked in.
Here is a sample front and back for the current Number 1 Elite Ranked Male Slalom Skier, World Champion Andy Mapple.
The trading cards will be put into circulation at the World Championships and are sure to become valuable collector's items.
The next stop is Clermont, Florida, just north of Orlando, where the World Champions will be decided and the Elite Rankings will be completed.
If you can't be there, be sure to keep up with the results and follow your skiing favorite on the IWSF web site, www.iwsf.com.

That's all for now, until next time, thanks for watching.