World Cup SKI IN List

These are lists of skier performances of skiers who are not already qualified attempting to qualify for the 2005 IWSF World Cup. The standard of qualification is the highest performance at any L or R tournament between Jan. 1 2005 and July 4 2005. This change allows time to get a visa and make travel arrangements.
The tournament scorebook needs to be posted on for verification.

Ties are broken in the same way that they are in the ranking list by next best tournament score until the tie is broken.

Final List of SKI-IN skiers as of July 4, 2005

Men Slalom

  1. Marcus Brown 2@10.25 Jack's Spring Splash (Placement through back-up score)

Women Slalom

  1. Sarah Gatty Saunt 1@10.75 Australian Nationals (Placement through back-up score)

Men Tricks

  1. Oliver Fortamps 10200 Benlux Tricks 2005

Women Tricks

  1. Maria Camila Linares 7150 LatinoAmericano

Men Jump

  1. Sebastian Dipasqua 63.0m Jack's Spring Splash

Women Jump

  1. Angeliki Andrioupolou 51.6 Malibu Open