IWSF World Cup Entry Form

Notice: This is the official Entry Form for the World Cup tournament at Enniskillen, Northern Ireland
This form must be submitted by June 20, 2006
Please note that not all entries may be accepted based on the seed and schedule. You will be notified if your entry has been accepted.

Select your name:
If your name is not on the list please email me by clicking here

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I want to enter the World Cup Tournament in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland August 11-13
Slalom Shortboard Jump

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Important: For publicity purposes, we will need a portrait photo of you and a ski photo.
You will need to email these photos to Bob Corson (click here). If you already have good photos on www.iwsfranking.com then we can use those. However, please take this opportunity to send your best photos. Thank you.