Understanding that my signature to this declaration does not in any way reduce or limit the responsibility of the competition organizer with respect to the installation and preparation of competition installations or in the carrying out of the competition, I



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make the following declaration:


1. Identification of Risk

I am fully aware and conscious of the dangers involved in the performance of all IWSF calendared sports and of the dangers caused by gravitational forces, be it during training or during the actual competition. I recognize that there is a risk in reaching excellent results which requires me to stretch my physical abilities to the absolute limit. I know and accept, that by engaging in such competitive sports, life and physical safety could be endangered.

Furthermore, I know and accept that the above mentioned dangers may threaten anyone within the competition and training area, and may include environmental conditions, technical equipment, and atmospheric influences as well as natural or manmade obstacles. I am aware that certain movements or actions cannot always be anticipated or controlled and therefore cannot be avoided or prevented through safety measures.


2. Acknowledgment of Risk

I acknowledge that it is up to me personally to assess whether any competition or training situation is too difficult for me. I agree that I will conduct my own inspection and I will immediately notify the jury of any obvious safety concerns I may have. By starting in a competition, or taking part in training I acknowledge acceptance of the suitability and condition of the competition area. I also agree that I am responsible for the choice of the equipment I have used and for the choice of proceeding to the ramp or through the course and my ability to handle this choice.


3. Personal Liability

I understand that I may be found personally liable to third parties for damages arising from bodily injury or property damage they have suffered as a result of my participation in training or competition. I agree that I will make myself familiar with the applicable competition regulations before taking part in such competition.


4. Dispute Resolution

I agree that prior to commencing a claim in any court of competent jurisdiction, I shall first submit my claim before an Arbitration Court which is constituted in accordance with the Statutes and Regulations of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS). In case I am not in agreement with the decision of this Court, I am free to bring or re-institute any such claim before any Court of competent jurisdiction.


This Athlete's Declaration is also binding on any relatives, personal representatives, heirs, successors, beneficiaries, next of kin or assigns who might pursue any legal action.


I have read the above Athlete's Declaration.



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