To be part of the IWSF World Cup is an honor, a distinction few achieve and a widely recognized accomplishment. The responsibilities are many and include obligations to promote the sport and to present a professional image on and off the water to the media, sponsors and the public. To this end, I pledge to uphold the spirit of this Code of Conduct, which offers a general guide to my conduct as participant of the World Cup.


·        Act in a sportsmanlike manner consistent with both the spirit of fair play and responsible conduct.

·        Maintain a level of fitness and competitive readiness which will permit my performance to be at the maximum level of my abilities where possible.

·        Attend the official athletes briefing(s) as announced and participate in the Opening Ceremony.

·        if invited, attend pre and post event media conferences dressed in accordance with the rules for the event.

·        if among the top 3 finishers, participate in the Official IWSF World Cup Awards Ceremony at the competition site dressed in accordance with the rules for the event.

·        if among the finalists, participate in the post event Banquet Awards presentation where applicable (tasteful casual dress).

·        Avoid criminal or unruly behavior and acts including the mischievous damaging or vandalizing of personal, private and public facilities or property both at and away from the venue and during the entire period of the event.

·        Accept that should I willfully cause damage to private or public property or persons, I will be personally liable for whatever cost may arise from such behavior.

·        Not use any medication or substance on the WADA Code’s prohibited substances and methods list and not to use substances or procedures in violation of the IWSF Anti Doping Rules.

·        Refrain from drunkenness and from using recreational drugs.

·        Refrain from conduct detracting from my ability or that of my teammates to attain peak performance.

·        Respect the property of others, whether personal or public.

·        Respect the other participants at the World Cup, spectators and officials, and engage in no form of verbal, physical, racial or sexual harassment or abuse.

·        Act in a way that will bring respect and honor to the World Cup, the IWSF, the sport and myself and remember that I am an ambassador for my sport and my country.


I have read this Code of Conduct of which I have received a copy and understand that acceptance of its provisions is a condition of my participation at the World Cup.




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