Welcome to the 2011 IWWF Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup

Dear Skiers,
Welcome to the 2011 IWWF Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup.

This will be the first information bulletin.
Unfortunately, all of the final details are not completely set, but I 
want to send out as much information as I can as early as possible to help 
your planning.

I intend this bulletin to be as comprehensive as possible so it can be
used as reference.

Here we go:

The schedule is shown on the IWWF calendar:

Aug 12-14 Waterski World Cup Tournament BogotÓ Columbia 
Sep 23-25 Waterski (Jump) World Cup Tournament Linyi China 

There are one or two other opportunities that we are
pursuing, but once again, we cannot list anything at this point.

We need to go forward knowing that we have the two shown tournaments as certain.

Here is the prize money information (in US dollars):

Bogota - slalom, trick, jump
$40,000 per event plus $1,000 travel

Linyi - jump only
$50,000  plus $1,250 travel

Overall Bonus 
At this point there is only an overall bonus for jump.

As in past World Cups lodging, meals, and transportation to and from the airport is


The prize money for the Bogota World Cup stop is  24,000/16,000 plus travel compensation of $1,000.
The prize money for the Linyi World Cup stop is  30,000/20,000 plus travel compensation of $1,250.
Only invited skiers receive the travel compensation.
Wild Card skiers are eligible for cash prizes but not travel compensation or meals/lodging.

    Men's Events 

    2011 Bogota

1.  $6000
2.  $4200
3.  $3300
4.  $2700
5.  $2400
6.  $1800
7.  $1200
8.  $720
9.  $600
10.  $480
11.  $360
12.  $240

Total    24,000
plus     12,000 travel (1,000 per skier)
total    36,000

    Women's Events 

    2011 Bogota

1.  $6000
2.  $3600
3.  $2400
4.  $1600
5.  $1100
6.  $700
7.  $400
8.  $200

Total    16,000
plus      8,000 travel (1,000 per skier)
total    24,000

    Men's Events 

    2011 Linyi

1.  $7,500  
2.  $5,250  
3.  $4,125  
4.  $3,375  
5.  $3,000  
6.  $2,250  
7.  $1,500  
8.  $900  
9.  $750  
10.  $600  
11.  $450  
12.  $300  
Total	$30,000	
plus	$15,000	 travel (1,250 per skier)
total	$45,000	
Women's Events 
2011 Linyi
1.  $7,500  
2.  $4,500  
3.  $3,000  
4.  $2,000  
5.  $1,375  
6.  $875  
7.  $500  
8.  $250  
Total	$20,000	
plus	$10,000	 travel (1,250 per skier)
total	$30,000	

Tournament Events:

Bogota  Men/Women  S/T/J
Linyi  Men/Women  J

As noted there will be a final bonus for jump as shown here:
    Men's Bonus

1.  $5,250
2.  $3,375
3.  $2,250
4.  $1,125

Total    1200

    Women's bonus

1.  $3,500
2.  $2,250
3.  $1,500
4.  $750

Total    8000


The following are the qualifying criteria in preference order:
2011 IWWF Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup Waterski Selection
1.	World Champion
2.	World Record Holder (Record 5 years old or newer)
3.	#1 Previous year Elite Ranking List
4.	#1 Previous Year IWWF Ranking
5.	#1 Previous Year World Cup 
6.	World Championships 2nd place
7.	#2 Previous year Elite Ranking List
8.	#2 Previous Year IWWF Ranking
9.	#2 Previous Year World Cup
10.	World Championships 3rd place
11.	#3 Previous year Elite Ranking List
12.	#3 Previous Year IWWF Ranking
13.	#3 Previous Year World Cup
14.	Start of Qualification list**
Fill in with qualification list 09+10 Rank+ Elite using the following algorithm
(lowest number of 10 Rank, 1.25*09 Rank, 10 Elite, 1.25*09 Elite, ties
broken by 2nd lowest of the set of numbers, and then 3rd)

This applies to the top 7 women and 11 men.  Selections will go in preference order.
If the 7 or 11 is reached before the start of the qualification list then the skiers not selected
who are in the first 13 items will be on the top of the waiting list in that order.
A separate spot called the  
Elite Ski-In spot will be reserved for the top skier on the Elite List as of 30 days 
before the tournament who is not already in the top 7/11 of qualified skiers and is at 
least #16 in men or #12 in women. If the top Elite skier by this method declines the 
invitation, the spot will move down the Elite List until a skier accepts or the #12 or 
#16 limit is reached. If no skiers are entered by this method then additional skiers will 
be taken from the waiting list to fill the field to 12/8.

All of these criteria have been completed.  Based on the criteria,  the list
of qualified skiers has been published at:

In an attempt to make the process more streamlined, we are instituting
some new procedures:

The basic process will be this:  We are asking all invited, waiting list, and potential waiting 
list skiers who want to be considered for entry in the IWWF Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup 
to register at the following web page:

We are inviting the top 11 men/7 women skiers in each event.

We are accepting the next 8 men/6 women skiers in each event to be on the waiting list.*

Skiers with lower rankings may register as potential waiting list skiers.

Please check the visa status for China and Colombia for your personal situation.

The entry will be done as in past years.  There will be automated forms
on the IWWF Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup web site that must be filled in by a certain deadline
with your travel information.
This registration form also is the entry for all tournaments.
Once the entries are complete, the final list of entrants and a waiting list
will be prepared as in past years.  

The initial selection of skiers will be limited to the following:
MS 12
WS 8
MT 12
WT 8
MJ 12
WJ 8

If skiers withdraw,  then replacement skiers will
be taken in qualification order from the waiting list.  All efforts
will be made to fill the list as is practical under the specific situation
in the judgement of the Chairman.

A potential major issue is the problem of late skier cancellations without an acceptable excuse.
This is a serious concern and is not acceptable.
If a skier cancels after the tournament is filled (12MS/8WS/12MT/8WT/12MJ/8WJ) and within 45 days of the tournament 
and is deemed by the World
Cup Committee not to have an acceptable excuse, the skier will be penalized by having their highest season
elite tournament score reduced by 20% in each event that the skier entered in the 
IWWF Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup tournament.

What is an acceptable excuse and how do you prove it?
Certainly examples of acceptable excuses are injury and personal family emergency.
Showing a purchased airline ticket and visa would be considered good indications
that the skier intended to compete in the tournament.
Injuries must be certified by a doctor as well.

The finals are 6 and 4

The seeding for all tournaments will be based on the Elite Ranking List as of the date of the tournament.

In the preliminary round, ties will be broken by a one round run-off.

The detailed specific IWWF Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup Rules are at:


There will be travel forms that will need to be filled in.
There will be a deadline on
when you can fill in the travel form.  The form must be completed
10 days prior to the tournament If the travel form is not submitted, 
you may be responsible
for your own airport transport and lodging.

IWWF Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup Points for Waterskiing
IWWF Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup tournaments are Elite tournaments and will use the Elite points for
IWWF Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup placement.  
The 2011 Elite Points system description is available at:

Since all of the IWWF Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup Stops have the predetermined 
prize amounts, there are only two charts and it should be quite simple to calculate 
your points and placement.  The points for the 36,000/24,000 tournaments have beeen 
adjusted to exclude the included travel adjustment.

Prize Money	 16,000/20,000  (Women's Events)





Prize Money	 24,000/30,000  (Men's Events)





Many of the aspects of skier participation in the IWWF Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup rely on electronic
means of communication, mainly, e-mail.  However, as we have seen in the past,
some skiers do not have reliable access to email.  Sometimes the email sent is
marked as SPAM by some mail programs because it is sent out in bulk.  The IWWF has
no control over these mechanisms.
All of the information
emailed out will also be posted in the elite skier mail archive.  All emails will
be archived and available through a web interface.  As a potential participant,
it is your responsibility to be sure you get this information.  The best 
practice is to check the web site at least once per week to be sure that 
you have received all of the information.  Also, if you are not getting these
communications by email, please be sure to send me a correct email address
so I can add you to the list.  I am sending out all of the information
to the Elite Mail List.  Once registration is complete, I will send out
information to the list of registered skiers.

The World Cup skier's information web site this year is the same as last year and will be updated 
with 2011 information.  The web address is http://www.iwsfranking.com/WSWC/skierlinks.htm.  This link 
is also shown on www.iwsfranking.com.  Also, skiers will be given accounts and passwords to
be able to update their own media pages so that the most accurate and up to
date information is available to the World Press.

News and information will regularly appear on the Official World Cup web site

Good Luck in 2011,

Bob Corson

* The IWWF Waterski & Wakeboard World Cup Committee reserves the right to accept more skiers on 
the waiting list according to their qualification order.