Pictures from the World Cup stop at Doha - December  12, 2004

2004 World Cup Champions

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ParrishDohaSlalom.jpg (40109 bytes) Chris Parrish prevailed for his biggest professional career win
WorldCupSlalom1.jpg (43295 bytes) Chris Parrish USA, World Cup Champion
WorldCupSlalomAll.jpg (31497 bytes) 2004 World Cup Slalom Podium

 Jodi Fisher GBR 2nd,  Chris Parrish USA 1st, Glen Campbell GBR 3rd

RussellDohaTricks.jpg (41198 bytes) Russell Gay USA  ended up on top of the tricks pile
WorldCupTriccks1.jpg (27591 bytes) Russell Gay USA, World Cup Champion
WorldCupTricksAll.jpg (33437 bytes) 2004 World Cup Tricks Podium

Jaret Llewellyn CAN 2nd, Russell Gay USA 1st,  Nicolas Leforestier FRA 3rd 

KruegerDohaJump.jpg (21785 bytes) Freddy Krueger USA jumps for  the Cup
WorldCupJump1.jpg (23850 bytes) Freddy Krueger USA, World Cup Champion
WorldCupJumpAll.jpg (35734 bytes) 2004 World Cup Jump Podium

Jaret Llewellyn CAN, 2nd, Freddy Krueger 1st, Kyle Eade NZE,  3rd