Pictures from the World Cup stop at Thorpe Lakes - September 3, 2004

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Emma Sheers in a run-off for a 1st place tie
Karen Truelove wins the runoff and leaves Emma at 2nd
Natalie Hamrick wears the yellow bib of the World Cup Tour Leader which she retains for the next World Cup Stop in Changshu, China
Natalie Hamrick interviewed by the TV crew
Andy Mapple ends his illustrious career at Thorpe Lakes
Andy and some of his appreciative fans
Glenn Campbell wears the Tour Leader's yellow bib. He retains it as well for China.
Chris Parrish is the winner with 1.5@10.25m
Lining up for Chris Parrish's autograph in London
Chris Parrish (USA) celebrates win - 2nd Wade Cox (USA) & Chris Rossi (USA) with Andy Mapple's farewell
Karin Truelove (USA) winner, Emma Sheers (AUS) 2nd, Jill Knutson (USA ) / Natalie Hamrick (USA) / Sarah Gatty Saunt (GBR) joint 3rd
Photos courtesy of John Goldie and Des Burke-Kennedy