2004 London International Night Jump

We are pleased to confirm that this year’s event will be taking place on Sunday, 29th August.

Last years event was a huge success and was hailed as the fastest growing and most spectacular event in the International Waterski Circuit. Over 4000 spectators watched the very best of British, European, and US Long Distance Waterski Jumpers competing for the final held in the floodlight arena. The skiers approach the ramp at speeds of up to 70mph, flying distances of over 210 feet, quite amazing when it gets dark.

Liquid Leisure currently holds the Longest Jump ever in the UK at 65m and the World Record Night Jump of 63m, who will break it this year!

This event that climaxes at night is great for spectators and is the only one of its kind in the World. It has grabbed the attention of the international skiing community and attracted the majority of World Class Jumpers of today. The occasion will be filmed and it is hoped that it will be televised. Organisers Danny Budd and Stuart Marston have worked hard over the last few years to make this competition one the main international jump venues.

The lakeside atmosphere is second to none drawing skiers and public alike to watch the amazing distances achieved. Apart from the impressive on water activity there will plenty more to do including:- beach bars, food, trade stands, adult and children’s attractions. The event also attracts a lot of support and sponsorship from local, national and international companies