Build a Water Ski Sports Trading Card for Sebastien CANS

Select the picture you want on the card

No Slalom Page Picture No Trick Page Picture No Jump Page Picture
Select this picture
Select this picture for sheet 1 of cards
Select this picture for sheet 2 of cards
Select this picture for 2 "signature" cards
Select this picture for a special Elite Skier "signature" card

When the card is displayed, simply print it on your color printer.
You can print it on card stock, turn it over and print it again on the back side and you can cut out two sided cards.
Get your cards autographed by your favorite skiing stars.
For the sheets, probably the best thing is to print them in color and have them copied onto card stock with a color copier. The sheets must be printed in "landscape" mode. If you are going to print a 2 sided card with your printer, be sure to test first as you may have to set the margins differently on the two cards to get them to line up back-to-back.