Name: Sebastien Di Pasqua

Sebastien Di Pasqua 

Age: 27
Height: 1.68m
Place of birth: Geneva, Switzerland 
Resides: Geneva and Orlando
Occupation/Education: Diploma in Business (Geneva) Speaks 3 languages: French, Italian, English
Family: Only child (it's not my fault!)
Years at Moomba: 4th
Best Moomba Results: Finalist - 6th
Best Performances: Major Titles and Achievements:
Trick -  2 time Former European jump record holder
Bronze medal at 2001 European
Finalist at every Worlds participated
2nd at 2003 French Masters
14 times National record holder
Best European Ranking 1st (2001)
Best World Ranking 4th (2001)
Slalom - 3 @ 11.25m
Jump - 224 feet
Overall - 
Records Held:  
Former European jump record holder.
14 times National record holder.
What do you do when you're not skiing? I love to do a lot of different sports - Snow ski, mountain biking, physical training, ping-pong, etc... I'm also rebuilding my future house (it's 450 years old) with my dad in Switzerland. 
Anything Else?
Sponsors: Goodman Skis, Oakley Sunglasses, Wet Tech Suits
Website: http://www.sebastiendipasqua.com/index.php