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Event Partners

MasterCraft is proud to partner the IWSF in the Water Ski World Cup, our heritage is built on designing and building the elite tournament ski boats that enable Athletes to perform to the best of there ability in the Slalom, Trick and Jump events.

The 2005 MasterCraft ProStar 190 EVO and ProStar 197 EVO represent the cutting edge in tournament ski boat technology and design techniques, Athletes in all three disciplines have set world record's whilst being towed by the ProStar 190 and 197, proof that the time and effort taken working with the worlds finest skiers to develop a perfect combination of wake, performance and tracking has paid great dividends in once again moving our sport forward to a higher level of achievement.

Following on last years success the 2005 World Cup Series is set to bring exciting action packed events in front of huge audiences at downtown locations, the Athletes will have every opportunity to move the standards to an even higher level in a world showcase of Water Skiing, we wish each and every one of them the very best of success.

Ian P Birdsall
Chairman MasterCraft Europe

Official supplier of ropes and handles to the World Cup.