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World Cup Rules

2006 World Cup Rules

The World Cup will be a series of tournaments sanctioned by the IWSF as described on the Water Ski World Cup website. There will be competition in Slalom, Trick, and Jump for men and women. Not all tournaments will have all events. The events are cash prize with a payout as described on the website. A World Cup Champion will be declared in each event at the end of the series based on points accumulated from each tournament.

The points from all of the World Cup stops will be added with no results being discarded which is different from the Elite Ranking. The points are calculated using the Elite Ranking List formula which is based on placement and total prize money to select a chart as has been described previously.

The tournament basics. The basic tournament format will be a semi-final round of 15/11 slalom skiers and 12/8 in tricks and jump. The final is 6/4. The semi final will consist of the skiers selected by the IWSF through the seed list process among those who enter. (i.e. 25 men slalom enter, top 15 men on seed list are invited to compete) plus up to 2 "wild card" skiers entered by the organizer and possibly 1 IWSF Wild Card.

The World Cup Committee has examined the seeding and as you have seen created a seed list to determine entries into the tournaments. As an additional competitive incentive, the following rule will apply. Any skier placing in the top 3 in an event will automatically qualify for the rest of the World Cup events. For the following tournaments, additional places beyond those automatically qualified will be taken up to the limit from the seeding list with the automatically qualified skiers atthe top of the list.

The total number of qualifying skiers will remain as stated. The skiers that place will also, therefore automatically qualify for the compensated room as well since they will be among the invited skiers.

Ties - ties will not be run off except for 1st. In the case of a tie in a money position, the cash prize for the tied places will be split among the tied contestants. Points will be awarded for the tied place by adding the points of the tied places and dividing by the number of tied skiers. In the preliminary round, ties will be broken by seed position.

If after all World Cup events in a specific discipline, two skiers are tied, then the tie will be broken by placement at the last event.

Seeding - the skiing order for the first tournament will be determined by the most recent elite ranking list. For following tournaments it will be determined by the World Cup points.